Oral Medicine & Radiology

Oral Medicine & Radiology is that branch of dentistry which is concerned with diagnosis and treatment of various oral diseases paying special attention to the oral manifestations of systemic diseases, orofacial pain, potentially malignant disorders, malignancies, disorders of temporo mandibular joint and salivary glands.

This department was started in the year 2006 with the intake of 100 students in BDS, in the year 2011 MDS course was started training three post graduates in the branch. There is separate UG and PG sections with 25 dental chairs build in area of 7000sq.ft.

HOD Desk
Oral Medicine & Radiology is the first department that patient attends where all the possible efforts are made to and guide or motivate the patients for further treatment procedures. We have highly qualified staff and well trained supporting staff who render their services for upliftment of students. Students are trained in the aspects of diagnosis, prevention and management of various ailments under experts supervision.

1Dr. B. Praveen KumarProfessor & HOD
2Dr. G. Shirisha RaniReader
3Dr. G. MadhulathaReader
4Dr. J. K. Singh KshatriReader
5Dr. B. HarithaReader
6Dr. V. SarithaSr.Lecturer
7Dr. B. LikithaSr.Lecturer
8Dr. S. V. M. MounikaSr.Lecturer

Treatments Offered
Medical and pharmacological treatment of oral infections, ulcerations, potentially malignant disorders, pain associated with temporomandibular joint or neurological or cancers, salivary gland disorders and oral manifestations of systemic diseases and immuno compromised conditions, counselling and cessation training for deleterious habits.

Facilities And Infrastucture
separate ug and pg sections with adequate dental chairs, there is provision for conventional intra oral radiographic units and extraoral 10ma machine, digital radiographic machine for opg and other extra oral radiographic techniques and rvg

Spacious seminar and locker rooms for students and department library with more than 40 reference books. A special museum cum councelling room for patient training.

Ongoing Projects
  • Lateral cephalograms in diagnosis of patients with sleep apnoea

  • Awareness of oral cancer in general population and in general medical and dental practitioners.

  • Aloe vera in healing of extraction sockets.

  • Effectiveness of tulasi in treatment of oral submucous fibrosis patients.

  • Awareness on forensic odontology in general dental practitioners.

  • Effectiveness of spirulina and curcumin in the management of oral submucous fibrosis.

  • Analysis of fractal dimensions and particle count in osteoporosis diagnosis.

  • Common radiographic changes in tmj in mpds patients

  • Stature in forensic odontology comparison with head and tooth dimensions.

  • Basi-cranium midline localizatioin usin submentovertex view.

  • Awareness on radiation hazards and protection among dentist in telangana.

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