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It is with great pleasure that I am welcoming all viewers to our web page. Meghna Institute of Dental Sciences (MIDS) is dedicated to the belief that all students learn in an environment that is safe and caring. We continue our commitment to prepare students to think big and for the career readiness. MIDS takes pride in nurturing the strong, community relationships.

In every way that the institutions are measured, whether it is through academics, athletics or performing art and skills, MIDS supports the needs of the students providing support for all the students with an ease of access to the concerned discipline thereby establishing a student friendly environment. The institution focuses on developing fundamental habits intended to encourage success both academically and socially.The college includes over 500 undergraduate students and 45 postgraduate students in 6 departments registered in the academic programs, offering interdisciplinary approaches to over 52 faculty members from wide variety of disciplines have been chosen to become college members as they share a commitment to enhance the academical as well as socio cultural development.

The college has a well-enabled library with over 3840 titles in various disciplines. In addition to academics, recreational programs like.. college fest, Christmas celebrations, Ganesh festival, holi, fresher’s party etc every year and also hosts numerous dental programs under IDA Nizamabad. The students have been consistently contributing to the image of the college through their outstanding performances in the University exams, youth festivals, sports, scientific paper and poster presentations etc. Let us develop a new culture of innovation and hardwork with a firm desire and determination for achieving our goals. All one needs is to be systemic and punctual, humble, sincere and honest. Lets nurture the deep rooted values and faith in god along with uncompromising search for truth, knowledge and excellence in all our endeavours.

May god bless you all

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