The Library is a resource for an effective and intellectual environment that encourages and supports the development of high standards in academic and institutional performance. The library purchases a wide variety of books, periodicals, and thesis. To support instruction, learning, and research, there are collections of a variety of materials. By offering a variety of publications, it also offers students and faculty amusement and good downtime.

The curriculum and annual budget are used to improve the library's collection of books and journals each year. All dental specialisations and fundamental medical sciences are covered in the books. There are currently 4232 textbooks and 562 reference books available.

The 105 print publications and 60 e-journals for article reference and education cover all dental and related professions.

The library also has a subscription to EBSCO, a discipline-specific learning tool, so that students can read journal articles. The MIDS offers annual subscriptions to the E-consortium database. Through the e-Consortium of the University website, users can access the e-resources from the library.

Students use the library from 8.30 am to 11.00 pm on all working days and till 1.00 pm on every Sunday. When utilising library resources, all students sign out of the library and enter their names in the student register.

Spread over 7,000 Sq. Ft. the library serves as a rich source of knowledge. It has enriched UG & PG sections separately which showcase national and international journals, reputed text books and dissertation materials.

The college library has a digital library wing that provides easier access to a variety of neatly categorised digital resources. The web-based online catalogue with a subscription data base is accessible via the internet.

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